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2014 Studies

Thank you for visiting our American Bicyclist Study page!

We're excited to announce the availability of the following reports from our 2014 fieldwork.

The American Adult Bicycling Segments
Now Available!

The American Adult Bicycling Generations
Available 12/1/14

The American Bicycling Retail Landscape
Available 1/1/15

Special Report: Metro Urban Cyclist
Now Available!

Special Report: U.S. Used Bicycle Market
Now Available!

2013 Study

Thank you for your interest in learning more about The American Bicyclist Study – and The Next Bike Boom!

In analyzing the American Bicyclist generational data we have concluded and predict that there will be another Bike Boom!

The American Bicyclist Study is the first in-depth adult bicyclist research that has been conducted since the NBDA sponsored the last study over a decade ago. The report series will include key changes and trends by comparing the four clusters of infrequent, casual, moving up and enthusiast bicyclists to understand the impact of the research findings on specialty bicycle retailer generational marketing, promotional messages, channel dynamics and store merchandising issues.

There will be three reports available – The Generations, The Cycling Consumer, and The Retail Landscape. To learn more about each of these reports, you can download each of the PDF files we’ve made available below.

The Generations

The Cycling Consumer

The Retail Landscape

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